About us

Our company has been registered as a legal entity in 2015, but we always state that we work in this area for more than 10 years. Our team consists of a group of like-minded people with significant experience in dealing with metalwork and the desire to make them inexpensively but of a high quality. And if the previous employers of our employees were guided solely be the size of the possible profit and did not allow such desires to be realized, then everything became different in Mereland OÜ. We believe that the main factor of success is not a lump sum of profits, but full satisfaction of our customers. We want you to come to us over and over again. That's why we offer metalwork with the best price to quality ratio on the market.

As for the second factor of success, we believe it to be the opportunity to evolve, both for the company and its employees. Our employees constantly undergo additional training and mastering latest technologies, so that the quality of our metalwork always remains at the highest level. The company also regularly expands to new markets and increases the range of delivered services. We are always interested in trying something new. If you could not find the information you need on our homepage, feel free to call and we will try to find the best solution for you!

Our partners:

We have acquired a number of strategically important partners with whom we are pleased to cooperate. The most important of them are:


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