Metalwork or metal structures are various products made of metals and their alloys. In fact, any metal product can be called a metal structure if it does not contain any foreign material.

The scope of use of metal structures is very extensive. Especially many metal products are being used in construction. Trusses and insertion pieces are being used for the construction of the building itself. Railing and fencing give these buildings aesthetic beauty and safety. Tanks and stoves provide heating.

In general, there's virtually nothing you can do without metal or its products. That's why we are glad to offer you a broad specter of metalwork for any needs.

For your convenience the metal products we offer are divided in groups by the type of appropriate metal:

Stainless steel products

Iron products

Aluminum products

If you did not find the product you need in the list, please contact us via the feedback form or by phone (+372 58 210 169).

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